Perfect to the millimetre

"We have enjoyed a great partnership with Angus, Wayne and the team at Spey Building and Joinery.  All of the staff have been extraordinarily dedicated during this multi-year effort.  We have also been especially impressed with the craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality of the build.  The finished result is “perfect to the millimetre”.  Spey’s in-house workforce—joinery, stonework, cement work, cabinetry—are all very highly skilled.  Each team member has delivered a beautiful result.

It has been a true 3-way working model between us, our architect, and the Spey team.  We all collaborated week by week to discover new opportunities, solve problems, and refine the design and build as we went.  We valued the Spey team’s input to a wide range of decisions in design, build and also to finishing and decoration.  Many design features originated with the Spey team and fed back to the architect and to ourselves.

A stand-out factor is Spey’s flexibility in coping with change and variations.  Some of these were design elements changed by us during the build, but there have been major external factors that were handled very effectively.  For example, early on in the build a very large hole was discovered under the foundations of the existing house.  Spey quickly developed a solution to stabilise the foundations and worked with the architect to change the design of the extension to accommodate the reinforcements.

We would not hesitate to work with Spey on another ambitious project."

(BL - Client, Large renovation and refurbishment)

Friendliness and understanding

"Angus Reid-Evans, director of Spey Building and Joinery, is approachable, cheery and practical. After a brief call, he simply got in his car, drove 2.5 hours and visited our site to discuss the project. This set the atmosphere and work ethic for the whole job: people showed up, worked hard, built carefully and enjoyed it. It is hard building in remote locations with lengthy travelling, bad weather and getting materials. Angus’ teams think nothing of loading up trailers and organising deliveries which keep the job going. Spey Building and Joinery bring friendliness and understanding to a project, which is rare."

(PM - Client, Medium-sized refurbishment)

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